Boat Kitesurf Fuerteventura

Boat Kitesurf Fuerteventura course is a safe and fun way to learn kitesurfing. Learning how to kitesurf from the boat in the middle of water allows students to learn kiting 3 times faster than from a beach. 100,00 euro 2h.

Boat Kitesurf FuerteventuraUsually, when learning to kitesurf, students spend most of the time walking back on the beach with the kite in the air. Those, who learn from the boat, don't need to make that much land-flying, so 100% of learning time is taking place in the water. Also, it means that students spend more time actually kiting rather than walking on the beach. Moreover, kitesurfing courses from the boat makes the learning environment more safe, because in the middle of the water there are no obstacles for this water sport. No worries to loose kite equipment and no risk to get hurt, just using the endless space to exploit as you learn. In addition, learning to kitesurf from the boat makes instructors be around you every time to give you more tips and help if students need.

The kitesurfing course from the boat is a good choice not only for beginners, but also for intermediates as well. Learn and enjoy kitesurfing at the best wind conditions in the middle of the water contact us to book your Kitesurf Boat Trip in Fuerteventura.


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