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Surf Shop FuerteventuraIn the past we have been riders of famous brands in the world of surf, our contacts, our knowledge and our sport's culture derive directly from professional environments, this expertise has given us the drive to open various surf shops all over Italy so that we now have many years of experience in the retail sales of sporting goods. Now we are here for you in this fantastic Island to offer the services of our Fuerteventura Surf Shop!

Fuerteventura Surf ShopOur long-standing culture in surfing, helps us to understand with greatest precision what are the needs of each client and who better than a professional can guide you in the choice of equipment in a complex and constantly evolving sport world.
Our surfshop Point Break offers you the possibility to book courses for kitesurfing, windsurfing, sup and surf.
Our kite surfing schools have sponsors of international renown: RRD regarding kite and windsurfing, Pukas for surfing, where the first is the largest Italian manufacturer of equipment for water sports, and Pukas is instead the largest manufacturer of surfboards in Spain, located in the Basque country, along with the sponsored Brazilian athlete Gabriel Medina.
We at Point Break we try to offer you only the best of our knowledge in the field of equipment, and a wonderful shopping experience.
In fact, you'll find articles from Pukas and Lost, but also boards from the Italian most famous shaper of the island of Fuerteventura, Wenzel; then Excel wetsuits, Creatures accessories and of course all the equipment 2014 RRD equipment we represent also with a test center.
Here you will also find a massive exposure of second-hand equipment so we make it very easy to find a bargain because the continuous exchange of sports tourists and facilitated taxation make us offer you deals at a much lower prices than in the rest of Europe; say that shopping at Fuerteventura can be a very satisfying experience if you rely on knowledgeable people coming from this field.

In our shop you will also have the opportunity to rent surfboards, kitesurfing and SUP stand-up paddle boards of the best brands at really interesting prices; on top of that the possibility to book an unforgettable catamaran trip to the beautiful island of Lobos (National Park) with a hike, surf and lunch package all inclusive.
Get to know the competence and the many proposals here at Point Break surf shop.


Contact us to book the equipment, or for information about our courses!

Book now our packages of courses, take advantage of promotions from Kitesurf Fuerteventura, all courses are interchangeable with each other!


Fuerteventura Surf Shop

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