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Corso-base-kitesurf-FuerteventuraOur beginner kitesurf course in Fuerteventura is addressed to an audience that comes close for the first time to water sports and wants to learn this new art. 230,00 euro 2gg.

Security, a friendly and relaxed environment situation and yet very professional at the same time are the key points of our Official RRD Kite School.
The equipment used for our courses, provided entirely by us, are branded RRD (Roberto Ricci Designs), the Italian manufacturing company leader in Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Sup and Surf.
Here at Kitesurf Fuerteventura we believe to use the most prestigious brand in the world such as RRD and that's the reason why we use just its equipment; of which we are also experienced dealers.
Fuerteventura is considered a paradise if you decide to start any water discipline, the countless golden beaches, crystal clear water and wind, makes Fuerteventura Island the best place to engage in the practice of kitesurfing.
Security conditions and the high technical level of our qualified IKO FIV and IKU instructors will make your experience unforgettable on this island of the blessed.
The course is divided into 2 days of instruction that includes: theoretical, practical training on the beach and in the water.


DAY 1:

As regards the first day we have an hour of theoretical explanation, where you'll quickly discover all the secrets about kites, wind conditions and tides.
This kind of information is very useful to understand that equipment is right for you or not.
Please note also that in our shop you will find posts for new and second-hand RRD equipment.
Our staff specializes in meeting your needs and a wide range of top choice accessories.
Being kitesurfing a sport very linked to its necessary and right equipment involved, it is our duty to guide you through the varied and evolving world of kite gear.
During the first day of basic level course you will discover how to inflate and attach the sail, attach lines and understand all important safety systems to enjoy this beautiful sport without unnecessary risks.
On top of that you will learn to use the kite, the sail maneuvering on these dreaming beaches and beginning to feel the wind in your hands.

DAY 2:


The second day consists of 3 teaching hours in Group sessions with an instructor every 2 students to ensure maximum attention.
The course will be structured in this way: first off the choice of the equipment such as wetsuit, harness, life-vest, helmet and sailing; then in the water, the first practice phase is called "body drag" (without the board) and is needed to help you obtain confidence; the following phase is to let you go and sail your first meters of kitesurfing;
This way you would be starting to live the beautiful Island of Fuerteventura from an ocean point of view.
Come and discover with us the spectacular conditions of Fuerteventura and the infinite possibilities to practice kitesurfing, in an environment so surreal and evocative that 'll make you regret not having come earlier.

Book now your first Kite course and learn to fly!

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