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beginner sup course fuerteventuraApproached this new sport with more ancient origins of what we think with our Beginner Sup Course Fuerteventura! 50,00 euro 2h.

The grounds surrounding the success of SUP (Stand Up Paddling) are varied, the first is sure for the fun of it because by paddling along the coast it is extremely rewarding and a great workout for those who want to keep well fit.
What affects the Sup is precisely its flexibility as it can be used for walking, can also be used to surf waves of all kinds.
The advantage of doing Sup than using a classic longboard surfboard for example is that gives you a chance to ride those smaller waves that otherwise would be insurfabie, since the boards are bigger.
The Beginner course of Sup is addressed to all those of you who intend to learn this new discipline, who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Fuerteventura and make great outdoor fitness.
Although the Sup is famous for being a mean of training for many windsurfers and kitesurfers in those days of no wind and for surfers with flat sea, prior experience in sports isn't required to embrace this beautiful sport.
The strong point of Sup is that learning takes place in "flat" water so everyone can learn this sport without risk, in perfect harmony with nature and with a few hours of attended course.
The Sup beginner level course consists of a theoretical part on the beach and lots of practice in the sea; we will provide all the necessary equipment, insurance and transfer to reach the spot.
The intermediate course is aimed for those who have a basic knowledge of Sup and rowing and are reay to evolve with Kitesurf Fuerteventura Instrutors.
The aim of the course is to increase your stamina, rowing technique and above all to get in condition to ride waves and perform manoeuvres during the ride.
The progress that you can achieve during the course are remarkable and very fast because the Sup is the easiest way to get into the waves and before everyone else.
What are you waiting for? Book your course and let yourserf be kidnapped by the thousand uses of Sup.


What are you waiting book your course and kidnap of a thousand uses of Sup.

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