Beginner Surf Course Fuerteventura

Beginner Surf Course FuerteventuraChoose our Beginner Surf Course in Fuerteventura! The best trainers and the best equipment at your service for the biggest thrill of your life ... Ride your first wave! 45,00 euro 4h.

The basic Level Surf course it is reserved to all those who approach for the first time to the practice of the surf, our school, is designed to transfer the passion of surfing safely and in a relaxed environment with ISA international instructors and FCS
Our instructors, true fans of surfing, know all the secrets of the island of Fuerteventura.
Here it is very important to arrive on the spot at the right time, the ocean isn't exactly like the sea ... so for us at POINT BREAK Surf School the study of winds and tides is part of our daily routine.
As the choice of the spot, choosIng the right spot is a precise science, wind, tide and swell directions on this island can make the difference between a day of ok surfing or an unforgettable one.
The North part of Fuerteventura is a playground for surfers, a succession of spots one after the other.
From the beaches of Moro and El Burro to the 4 beaches of El Cotillo passing through the rocks of the North Coast and the northshore villages spots such as the mythical island of Los Lobos where you find the most famous and longest right wave of Europe.
Fuerteventura and is considered to be the European response to Hawaii.
We as POINT BREAK Surf School would like you to be able to surf these wonders one day, and we get to choose only safe spots all suitable for learning.
You will be provided with all sorts of equipment suitable to your physical condition, wetsuit, leash, soft Board and boots where needed.
Aim of the course is also to educate you in regards to the right equipment and put you in a position to make the right choice when buying.
In fact, by virtue of its facilitated taxation, Fuerteventura and its massive sports tourism together with the presence of artisans of surfboards make this island a great place to do business in terms of equipment, in particular surf.
Our lessons will be followed by a professional photographer so that at the end of your course you will have some beautiful photos to remember your first experience with surf.
The basic course consists of a theoretical part, where you will be taught the features of the spot, the general safety regulations, and the basic rules once in the water; the practical part consists of warming up (helps prevent accidents) and water practice.
The challenge for every participant in the beginner course is to stand on the board confortably,do you think you'll be able to?
The purposes of the course are:
have a good stability on the surfboard
achieve an effective stroke
to stand on it in a natural way
ride the first wave foams.
Test your skills, discover your limits and the mysterious force of the sea, book your course now!

Too much wind or a few waves...??? do not worry! Thanks to Kitesurf Fuerteventura you can change your course with the following:



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