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Waterworks-Kitesurf-FuerteventuraWaterworks Kitesurf course in Fuerteventura is directed to all the people who want to bring their kite experience to a next step. 115,00 3h.

If you have a general understanding of the security aspects of kitesurfing, you can handle the kite and do body-drag, this is the right course to increase your confidence, improve your style and take your riding technique to the next level.
Fuerteventura with its tropical desert climate and the average annual temperature of 20.4 degrees is the best place in the world where to practice kitesurfing.
Thanks to the mild and pleasant water temperature all year round and its countless days of wind, Fuerteventura has become the meeting point, as well as the European capital for kitesurfing.
The goal of this innovative course and our specialized IKO FIV IKU instructors is to make you able to kitesurf indipendently.
The waterworks is very important and useful at all levels of learning, from beginner to advanced, and is based on making you progressing in a safe condition: the spot is reached by boat where you can learn and improve under the eyes of qualified instructors and especially without other kitesurfers around you for a good 3 hours.
The waterworks can help you if you have already done a basic course but you are not satisfied, or if you simply want to learn how to go upwind and take your first jumps or you just need extra hours of sailing. The beauty of this service is that you can improve whatever your level in kiting, progressing quickly without the risk of a self-taught learning.
If you are interested in a strapless surfing here at RRD Kite School we offer private lessons at unbeatable prices.
This discipline is the natural link between kitesurfing and surfing, involves the use of kite with real surfboards without foot straps.
The strapless can be used in the middle of the ocean waves or even in flat water freestyle.
' Professionalism, attention and passion for kitesurfing delivered by our instructors will enable you to achieve excellent results in no time.
If you're one of those customers who want it all and want the best of the best our RRD Kite School has the possibility to arrange, upon request, surf camps with internationally qualified PRO kiters sponsored by RRD.
Take advantage of this unique offer to learn so many secrets directly from a PRO, an opportunity not to be missed and definitely a unique service in Fuerteventura.

Don't wait, call us and get ready to take your riding to the next step!

Wind is low do not cry... With Kitesurf Fuerteventura you can change your course with another discipline:

Waterworks Kitesurf Fuerteventura


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