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Windsurf-Course-FuerteventuraDiscover with us wind sailing with our windsurfing course in Fuerteventura with the newest RRD equipment! 70,00 euro 3h.

Windsurfing is the oldest modern sea sports, it is said that the first prototype was built in the 50's.
The innate beauty of the sport is the union between the sensations of sailing to the adrenalin of the surf.
The basic course is aimed at all customers who want to grapple with this magnificent sport, you don't need experience in sports but only really wants to kidnap you with its old fashioned windsurfing charm.
Fuerteventura is said by many insiders the windsurfing capital of Europe, the constant trade winds, its pleasant temperatures with its crystal clear sea make it as a paradise for the sport.
Clearly the World Championships are held here, in the fantastic beach of Sotavento in the southern part of the island.
Fuerteventura is rich of pleasant places where to do windsurfing such as Costa Calma, the lagoons of El Cotillo, Flag Beach and the various spots of Corralejo Bay in the Waikiki area.
The beginners course consists of a first theoretical part where it will be explained safety issues, winds and tides then followed by a massive part of practice, where to learn the basics of windsurfing.
During our course you will learn to handle sailing and technical operations.
Aim of the course is to put you in a position to be able to use a windsurf independently.
In the advanced course instead we have a deepening of theoretical and practical knowledge centered on the conduct of the board with the movement of the sail to get to the first basic tacking and gybing maneuvers.
The course takes place under the eyes of our expert instructors, who not only help clients to understand this beautiful sport in a safely way but are experts in providing a prompt and quick assistance (very important in a windsurf course).
The number of students is always proportional to the presence of instructors so as to guarantee maximum attention at all.
In our courses we use latest-generation equipment of very good quality, excellent state of conservation and appropriate to your skills, we can also provide transfer services from your accommodation to the spot and clearly the insurance is included.
Fuerteventura is for sure the most apt place where to start surfing so get the opportunity on the fly, come and visit us. Contact us to book your course!

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Windsurf Course Fuerteventura


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